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Highlighted Projects

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NEORSD Project

Onyx Valve has just been awarded, for the second time, with the obligation to regulate flow control at the North East Ohio Regional Sewer District (NEORSD) Eastern Treatment Plant.Our hand wheel, pneumatic, and electric operated pinch valves will now be controlling the inlet and outlet flow of raw sewage into both the Southern and Eastern Plants.This facility will require the usage of 35 electric, 11 pneumatic, and 29 manual pinch valves along with 6 of Onyx duckbill check valves to regulate the flow in the Eastern waste water treatment plant.

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Brasfield and Gorrie

Tampa Bay Water Regional Water Treatment Facility located in Clearwater, FL is considered as one of the most state of the art water treatment facilities in the country.This facility is home to over 60 Onyx pinch valves which are used to regulate anything from the precise flow chemicals into water being treated; to the flow of the water coming into and out of the facility.

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hand wheel pinch valves

Route 73 Improvement Project

In April of last year Onyx Valve was awarded with the task to prevent the flooding of a section of Route 73 right here in South Jersey.In response to this problem, Onyx Supplied four of our state of the art duckbill check valves to prevent the backflow of water from the local stream from reaching the road surface.

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