Actuator Selector

Double Acting Cylinder

All mechanically pinched pneumatic valves are available with 2 families of pneumatic actuator:

1. A conventional air double acting cylinder. Air is applied alternating to the cylinder head and cylinder bottom to open and close the valve. This is inherently a Fail-in-last-position actuator.

2. Onyx "Bomb Proof" zero maintenance actuator. This actuator is designed around a firestone airbag for the most robust construction and zero maintenance. It is available in two configurations:

A. PFO-Pneumatic Fail Open

B. PFC-Pneumatic Fail Closed-Fails closed with a spring for the most dependable drop tight operation.

All actuator sizing is performed by Onyx Engineers based on three factors:

1. Valve Size
2. Fail Mode
3. Process Pressure

Consult the factory for assistance in specialty actuator size selection.

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page with pertinent information and an Onyx Representative will be in contact with you shortly.

PFO - Pneumatic Fail Open
PFC - Pneumatic Fail Closed